The Backstory


Welcome to The Penny Drop!  We are Anders and Meghan, partners in crime against society’s rules, ‘the box’, and working hard to make a living at the expense of missing life.  Nope. We just won’t stand for it.

Our blog got it’s name from an informal phrase used primarily in the UK; in a nutshell, to say that “the penny dropped” is another way to say something was suddenly realized.

“She looked confused for a moment, then suddenly the penny dropped.”

That couldn’t more perfectly describe the a-ha moment that happened to us.  We were brought up to believe there was really only one way to “successfully” go through life:

  1. graduate from college
  2. get a good job
  3. work really hard for 40+ years
  4. retire
  5. die

What’s that?  This sounds eerily familiar?

Anders and I have had very different experiences thus far in the working world – which I will share about in a later post and then link back here – but we’ve both come to realize that we don’t want to be tied to a job out of necessity.  This is not to say that we hate our jobs – not true at all! – but rather that we would like to have the option: the option to take a trip at a moments notice; the option to be present for future tee-ball games and dance recitals; the option to be able to move miles away to take care of sick loved ones if need be…all without worrying about where that next paycheck is coming from.

So with that, financial independence became our goal.

Let us be clear – we are not money hungry.  We don’t want a mansion in the hills or a different car for each day of the week.  We aren’t on a quest to be rich, but rather to be wealthy.

What’s the difference?

The way we see it, being rich is about having money, but being wealthy?  Being wealthy is about having time.


This used to be just silly talk.  We used to think there was no way – that the world just didn’t work that way.  A pipe dream.  Our heads in the clouds.  You name it.  But then we got hip to others, some even younger than us, who have learned how to make their money work for them as opposed to the other way around.

And that’s when the penny dropped.

Why can’t we do this?  Why can’t we create the life we want?  Who says we have to do things the way generations have done so before us?  Who makes these rules?

You guessed it: we do.

We’ve been doing a lot (A LOT) of research and prep work, and as we make our next move in this process, we thought it was only fair to share what we feel is vital information someone should’ve taught us years ago.  So we invite you to follow along with our journey, learn from our mistakes, and hopefully become inspired to put aside making a living in an effort to make the life you want.

Stay tuned!